TOP TOUR: Nature and tribes of west- AND SOUTHWEST ethiopia

NATURE, TRIBES (oromo, anuak, nuer, dizzi, surma and more) AND SAFARI TOUR TO WEST- AND SOUTHWEST ETHIOPIA

Code: YT04 - Duration: 18 days

Day 1Addis Abeba: Sight seeing tour, visiting some important monuments and/or museum, enjoying sunset on Entoto Mountains with a splendid view on Addis Abeba. O/n hotel Addis Abeba.

Day 2: Drive from Addis Ababa to Jimma (350 km.), crossing the Spectacular Gibe Canyon from the upper course of the Omo River. Here we climb the mountain of Abelti for a stunning panoramic view on the Canyon. On the way visits the Guragi and Oromo villages. O/n Hotel in Jimma.

Day 3: Excursions in Jimma to the palace of king Abba Jiffar, Jimma museum and colourful market, etc. Trip to lake Boye. O/n Hotel in Jimma

Day 4: Drive from Jimma to Bonga (100 km.). From Bonga a hike (with horses and a guide) can be organized to beautiful surrounding hills with streams, waterfalls, natural bridges, caves, hot springs and dense forest teeming with bird- and wildlife. O/n hotel in Bonga

Day 5: Drive from Bonga to Mizan Teferi (135 km.) through beautiful dense Bonga forest and coffee and tea plantations. On the way visit the Kefico and Bench tribe. Near Mizan Teferi visit the Bebeka coffee plantation where it is delightful to walk in the forest of tall, old trees which provide shadow for the coffee shrubs. Also the spice and fruit plantations are interesting and the pulping and processing stations can be visited. O/n in the guesthouse on the plantation, beautiful situated in a forest full of birds.

Day 6: Drive from Mizan Teferi to Tulgit village of the Surma tribe (250 km.), Visit the Anuak and Menit tribe. O/n Tulgit Camping

Day 7: Excursion trip to Kibish village, the centre of the Surma tribe, famous for Donga stick fighting feast. O/n the same place.

Day 8: Drive to the Omo National Park via Tum and Maji Mountain (140 km.), on the way visit the Dezie tribe. O/n camping along Muir river.

Day 9: Early in the morning and in the evening game drive in the park to see Lions, Buffalos, Giraffes, Lesser, Kudu, Eland, Lalawal heart beast, Water buck etc. O/n the same place.

Day 10: Game drive in the Omo National Park. O/n the same place.

Day 11: Drive from Omo National Park to Mizan Teferi (350 km.). O/n Hotel in Mizan Teferi.

Day 12: Drive from Mizan Teferi to Metu (115 km.). Visit the beautiful Sor waterfalls in a dense forest. O/n Hotel in Metu

Day 13: Drive from Metu to Gambela (175 km.), on the way visit the Anuak, Nuer and Meghanger tribe. Exploring Gambella: walk along the Baro river to see the old pier and steamship and the colourful meeting place of the Anuak and Nuer people. O/n Hotel in Gambela.

Day 14: Full day at Gambela National Park and fishing on the Baro river. O/n Hotel in Gambela.

Day 15: Drive from Gambela to Nekemte (340 km.) through a splendid dense natural forest and coffee plantation. O/n Hotel in Nekemte

Day 16: After visiting the Wallagga cultural museum, drive from Nekemte to the beautiful Highland Wenchi crater Lake. (200 km.) O/n Camping.

Day 17: Boat trip on Lake Wenchi to the Island with Cherkos church. Drive back to Addis Ababa (140 km.). On route eventually visit the Menagesha forest or St. Maryam church in Addis Alem O/n Hotel in Addis Abeba.

Day 18: Visit the remaining sight in Addis Ababa, shopping time.