Try to lift an obelisk in Axum!

Parents of adopted children, will sooner or later be confronted with questions from their children about their "roots." As the child grows older, he will also be curious about the country where he comes from and perhaps about his relatives.
We organize child-friendly (roots-) journeys in Ethiopia for families with adopted Ethiopian children. In the tour program we can include a visit to the birthplace of the child and –if desired- a visit to relatives. We pepare a customized program with not too much driving, beautiful and varied routes which are also fun for children, plenty of leisure time and interesting activities for children such as trekking, swimming, boat and horse riding. Wildlife spotting is also wonderful children and for slightly older children a nature- or village trek with horses or mules and overnight in huts or tents is very exciting.

Obviously, such an adventurous holiday is not only interesting for families with an Ethiopian child!

We also organize these trips for adventurous parents with children who love to discover new and unknown places.

For more information or a tour offer with price quotation, please contact us or send us a tour request form. Read more for feedback from families who travelled with us before.