Booking of package tours ( = trip in which the various elements such as transport , accommodation and any additional services such as excursions are offered for all-in price by a tour operator ) and car hire are definite after signing the travel respectively . car rental agreement by both parties .
Individual hotel reservations are only definite after written confirmation of the booking by Yared Tour & Travel by email or letter .

Payment must be made strictly on agreed date (or dates if there is a deposit and remaining payment ).
If payment is not received on agreed date or dates , Yared Tour & Travel is not obliged to perform the Tour.


Yared Tour & Travel makes use of the STO travel guarantee on all package tours . Only car rent or hotel bookings are not covered by the STO guarantee
In case of suspension of payment or bankruptcy of Yared Tour & Travel, the foundation Take Over ( STO ) makes sure you get your money back , or continue your journey or return home. To realize this, the STO makes use of a trust account: the escrow service of Certo Escrow. As a traveler you do not pay the fare to Yared Tour & Travel but you pay it to the foundation trust account of Certo Escrow ( SDCE ) .
Certo Escrow , a payment service provider which is exempted by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), manages this foundation trust account. Together with your invoice, you will receive an explanation of the payment procedure through SDCE .

When you finish your Tour in good order, one day after your Tour is finished, the fare will be transferred to Yared Tour & Travel by SDCE. If Yared Tour & Travel will be in suspension of paymentor will go bankrupt , Certo Escrow will transfer your money to the STO. Thus, creditors cannot confiscate your money. If your Tour didn’t yet start, STO will pay back your money. If you're already on Tour, the STO will ensure that you get either the legitimate part of your money back, or finish your tour properly or return home.


Tour prices can be provided upon request. Prices depend on infrastructure prices (depending on the season), hotel-, salary- and fuel prices and currency exchange rates.

Yared Tour&Travel has the right to adapt the price for domestic flights which are included in the Tour price up to 30 days before flight date. However price increase of the domestic flight(s) will never be more than 25%


Cancellations of confirmed bookings by client(s) due to personal circumstances after signing the Agreement up to 35 days prior to departure are subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the total Tour Price.

By cancellations received 35 days up to 15 days before commencement of the Tour 15% of the total Tour Price has to be paid plus advance payments which are already done by Yared Tour&Travel (for example for domestic flights, hotels and car(s) and which will not be refunded by this third parties.

By cancellations received 14 days up to 1 day before commencement of the Tour 25% of the total Tour Price has to be paid plus advance payments which are already done by Yared Tour&Travel (for example for domestic flights, hotels and car(s) and which will not be refunded by this third parties.

If after commencement of the Tour, the Tour has to be stopped in an early stage because of personal circumstances of the client, Yared Tour&Travel cannot guarantee any refund but will do its best to refund expenses which are not yet paid.

If one or more clients cancel a Tour and the remaining clients want to let the Tour continue, the Price will be adapted for the remaining clients and those who have cancelled will pay the above written cancellation fee(s). If remaining clients don’t agree with the new Tour Price, Yared Tour&Travel is not indebted to conduct the Tour.



The staff of Yared Tour & Travel will conduct every Tour as agreed with every individual client to the best of their ability. We only make use of safe and well insured cars and other materials and every possible care is taken to safeguard our clients and their properties,

Nevertheless if a client during the tour should have a complaint, the client must contact the office of Yared Tour & Travel in Addis Ababa so that our staff can solve the problem.

If the complaint is caused by the negligence of a staff member , driver or guide of Yared Tour & Travel and the complaint is not properly resolved and after discussion with the client, staff, driver or guide, it appears that the complaint was justified, a reasonable portion of the fare will be refunded.
However, if a client fails to contact our office as soon as possible (unless it was impossible at the time of the complaint, to contact the office), Yared Tour & Travel not obliged to pay any refund for the inconvenience.

Should a complaint be caused by negligence or overbooking by third parties ( airlines, hotels & lodges , local guides, parts of the tour that are executed by third parties) , the staff of Yared Tour & Travel will do their utmost to mediate in resolving the problem . Also in cases of emergency , such as theft , illness , injury , death, or other emergencies , the staff of Yared Tour & Travel will assist the client properly.

However, Yared Tour&Travel cannot be held liable for cancellations in case of unrest, war or natural calamities and over-bookings made by third parties such as hotels, airlines, transport companies or other Travel agencies.

Yared Tour & Travel cannot be held liable for any loss or harm of personal goods, consequences of sickness, accidents or calamities.

All extra costs resulting from above mentioned situations are for the client’s own account.

All claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Ethiopia.

Our guests are obliged to have a travel insurance with coverage for theft and (medical) expenses that result from sickness or a (car) accident such as medical treatment and compensation in case of permanent disability or death.

N.B. Compensation for damage or (medical)costs that are caused in areas which have an official negative travel advice by the ministry of foreign affairs of your country, is usually excluded from your travel insurance. Should you decide to travel in such an area, ask first permission from your insurance company. Traveling in these areas is entirely at your own risk and Yared Tour & Travel can not be held liable for any damages or expenses.