After each journey, the guests fill in a feed back form. This gives us a good picture of the service of Yared Tour&Travel and where improvement is necessary.

Results (in %) of feedbackforms (updated December 2016)

Feedback of travellers
Description E G R M B
The car 45 50 5 - -
The driver 85 15 - - -
The camping equipment 50 45 5 - -
The guide 75 25 - - -
Yared Tour&Travel Service (organisation, info en communication) 60 40 - - -
The hotels 4 56 16 16 8
The food 20 50 15 15 -
The tour program 45 45 10 - -
The routes / road condition 32 28 20 8 12
Maintenance of monuments 5 24 24 42 5
Maintenance of National Parks 4 40 17 35 4
Local guides/scouts 18 47 18 5 -
  • E = Excellent
  • G = Good
  • R = Reasonable
  • M = Moderate
  • B = Bad

Comments on the service of Yared Tour&Travel:

  • We had a super journey, very well organized. We have really enjoyed it! Ethiopia is a wonderful country. - Arjen and Linda
  • Very good Tour-program. Driver as well as guide were excellent, very helpful and friendly. Very hospitable welcome and excellent dinner (the best food in Ethiopia) by mrs. Saskia. - Guests of Flach travel company
  • We really appreciated the communication with Yared Tour&Travel before as well as during the Tour. - Willemien and Agnes
  • The company was a reliable partner during the preparation and the trip itself. We appreciated the contact with Tsion during the trip and also that we met him personally. The contact with Saskia was always pleasant and straightforward, so we always felt well looked after. At any time during the journey we felt that Yared Tours would have done everything to help us had there been any serious problems, and we appreciated the compensation from the company after our brake-down in lalibela. -Urs and friends
  • All the staff that we had contact with at Yared Tour&Travel were excellent, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and compassionate. The driver was very good and safe! Quinton
  • We enjoyed our journey very much. It was one big surprise and a wonderful acquaintance with Ethiopia. We are sure we will come back again. Also the friendliness and helpfulness warmed our hearts. We felt at home here immediately. We thank you heartily for the hospitality and hope to see each other again. - Fam. Den Boer
  • The markets in Ethiopia are fully at work at the end of the morning so it is better to plan a visit to a market early afternoon. Adapt your standard text to the specific journey. E.g. the singing wells of Borena are not in use during the raintime, so you only see the structure.
    On the place were we stopped for photo’s the owner of the house didn’t allow us and made much problems. It is good to remark this in the program (we have mentioned now in our general travel information always to ask permission first).
    The relation with driver and guide was excellent, it couldn’t have been better! We appreciaty their helpfulness, enthusiasm, honesty and willingness to adapt the program where necessary. - Nelke
  • Due to bad weather conditions in the South-West (Surma area) the program had to be modified in a very flexible manner. This was managed in an excellent way by both guide and driver. The offered alternatives were also great experiences for us and well worth to be seen. Cordial thanks to Yared Tour&Travel for unforgettable three weeks in Southern Ethiopia. We will recommend at home and, who knows, come back some time. - Georg and Theresia
  • We were very happy with our driver and guide respectively. Our driver was very capable; we always felt save in the car. And our guide almost perfect: he knows a lot, told us many interesting things, checking and controlling everything. His aim was to make our holiday as pleasant for us as possible and he definitively succeeded in that. - No name
  • Our driver was incredible, I don’t know how he manoeuvred some of those stretches. It was a very smooth ride. Both driver and guide were excellent with keeping the locals in cheek. Anytime anyone was making us uncomfortable they stepped in. Really appreciated them, and not having to ask for help, it was already there. Driver, guide and cook were all very personable, I enjoyed meeting and spending time with each and everyone of them.
    I really tink our guide and driver made the trip. They were great! I hope I can come back to see them again. They are wonderful people. - Megan
  • Very happy. Enjoyed everything very much and sorry the trip has to end!!! - Katherine.