Omo Valley South Ethiopia

The Omo Valley is the area around the Omo River in southern Ethiopia near the borders of Kenya and Sudan. The area is divided into East and West on both sides of the Omo River.


Omo Valley landscape
The landscape of the Omo Valley is very diverse: vast savannah with mountains on the horizon, beautiful views, the arid semi-desert, acacia bushes, hills and forests on the banks of the Omo River. Then the Omo river itself with its deep canyons and rapids, dense vegetation on the banks where monkeys, colorful birds, crocodiles and hippos reside. This is a beautiful river for wild water rafting. In the Omo Valley are the Mago and Omo National Park which are separated by the Omo River.

Tribes in the Omo Valley

In the Omo Valley are more than 10 tribes share a relatively small area. Regardless of the modern technology they walk around as (semi)nomads in their own territories with their cattle , with only a few goods like a spear (or gun), knife and small wooden stool, the Burkito, which is also used as a pillow. Each of the Omo Valley tribes has its own unique costumes, hairstyle, body tattoo or painting, jewelry, dance, music and social structure: a paradise for anthropologic research and study. In several places like Jinka in the Omo Valley, Key Afer, Turmi Dimeka and you can visit the colorful local (cattle)markets where you can find the local people buying and selling their own agricultural products and different goods such as cloth, household items and so on.


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