The Semien National Park and Simien Mountains in northern Ethiopia, 100 km. north of the historic site Gondar. The Semien Mountains NP was founded in 1969 and covers an area of 220 Km2; Semien Mountains National Park: is registered in 1978 by the UNESCO as one of the World’s Heritage. Like everywhere in Ethiopia is also the Semien Mountains National Park and its natural inhabitants threatened as more and more lanaltd for agricultural use by farmers and even the steep mountain slopes are ploughed. This brought the Semien Mountains National Park in 1996 on the UNESCO list are of World Heritage Sites in Danger ". Meanwhile more than 10 years later there is little change about this situation, the farmers still remain parts of the park space. In general, farmers in Ethiopia believes that the land belongs to them, and asks themselves are the animals more improtant than the people? Why should we leave the place which belongs to our anscestors have lived and woked there for many years. Thus, the government don’t dare to put away these people form the National Park. Yet both the government, nature conservation organizations and farmers together should findout a better solution so that something might remain from the Ethiopian majestic landscapes such as the Semien Mountains and their natural inhabitants.


Nech Sar National Park was established in 1974 and covers an area of 514 km2. The Park is found 550 km south of Addis Ababa, an


d is only accessible through main entrance to the town of Arba Minch.

"Nech Sar" means "white grass", whichis indeed characteristic of the Savannah area in the park. With the mountains of Sidama zone in the background and spectacular view to the two lakes, this is one of the most scenic parks of east Africa. Nech Sar NP contains groundwater forest with 40 sources (= Arba Minch), portions of the lakes Chamo and Abaya, a hilly with acacia bushes overgrown strip of land between two lakes in the "Bridge of God" is called and behind it the Savannah plains. The altitude ranges from 1100 - 1650 m.